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What is Knob and Tube?
Knob and tube
is an early method of electrical wiring typically found in homes built prior to the 1950s.  At the time, Toronto electricians considered knob and tube as a sufficient wiring system for supplying electrical load to the average resident in Toronto.  However, times have changed.  The electrical demands for the average family in Toronto are considerably greater with a growing dependence on computer appliances and electronics.

Residents with knob and tube wiring are strongly encouraged to upgrade their existing wiring system to current electrical standards. 

Below are only some of the issues associated with an old knob and tube configuration:

  • Limited load capacity
  • No ground protection – potentially unsafe to family members in event of an electrical ground fault (energizing of appliances)

  • Today’s standards require all electrical wiring be installed with a grounding conductor
  • Old wiring is inefficient and possesses a serious fire hazard (in event of a power overload)

Upgrading knob and tube will allow substantial amount of energy conservation that will be realized directly on your electrical bill.    

Insurance companies are refusing to renew policies on old homes with outdated knob & tube wiring.

Home insurance companies are aware of the risks of homes with knob and tube wiring and will not renew policies until the system is upgraded. Contracting a Toronto electrician to upgrade your knob and tube will also allow you to conserve a substantial amount of energy, which translates to lower prices on you electrical bill.

As one of our responsible customers, you should have ease of mind that your electrical system is safe and up-to-date.  Rosedale Electrical Solutions Ltd's dependable Toronto electrician will inspect your home and make recommendations on upgrading your system.  Rest assured, the process will be safe and timely.  Please visit the Rosedale Difference page to learn more about why we are the most suitable Toronto electrical contractor for knob and tube replacements.


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