For over 30 years, customers have instilled their trust in us to provide exceptional service as a dedicated, dependable and highly personable Electrician in Toronto. Our goal has always been to delight our clients with exceptional customer service and expert advice that is based on only the best industry practices. When our customers select us as their electrical contractor, they understand their electrical needs and concerns are left in the hands of trusted, certified professionals that regard every project as if it was their own. Our technicians conduct business in a clean and professional manner, placing paramount importance on safety, energy efficiency, and effective project execution.

We understand electricity and the importance of having it transmitted safely into and throughout our customers' homes and businesses. Rosedale Electrical Solutions Ltd. is recognized by the Electricity Safety Authority as a licensed electrical contractor that is compliant with the codes and guidelines set forth by Ontario's regulating authorities. We consistently perform electrical work to the highest degree of public safety and integrity.

Energy Efficiency
Our technicians understand that energy efficiency starts at the homes and facilities of our clients and that adopting greener technologies can result in cost savings and reducing the ecological footprint. Ontario is taking the lead as a greener, more conservation-oriented province. We align our business values with the vision of a more sustainable future and ensure that our customers are aware of their energy efficient options and the latest products available in the North American market.

Rosedale Electrical Solutions Ltd. monitors the activities and programs introduced by the Ontario Power Authority and makes recommendations on a case-by-case basis to all its clients.

Effective Project Execution
We believe that honest and transparent pricing goes a long way in building customer trust. Our assessments are detailed, outlining all costs associated with project implementation.

We expect our customers to have questions and recognize uncertainty as an inherent element in the project development process. We aim at accommodating the needs of our customers while staying within a committed budget and timeframe. It is this dedication to our clients that has brought us success in the industry and we aim at continuing to strengthen our customer relationships for generations to come.

From the first meeting to project completion, we are there for you every step of the way, using the latest technologies to help facilitate effective project execution. Our technicians are outfitted with the latest computing software to effectively input, store and manage data on-site so that customers know exactly what will be done and when it will be done.

Rosedale Electrical Solutions Ltd is licensed, insured and recognized by the Electrical Safety Authority as an electrical contractor serving East York, North York, Rosedale, Forest Hill, Kingsway, High Park and the Greater Toronto Area.