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Introducing microFIT
In 2009, Ontario made strides in promoting its vision of being a more energy efficient and self-sustaining province by launching the micro Feed-In Tariff program to Ontario citizens.  The program allows our customers to become more self-reliant by producing energy to power their own homes or supply Ontario’s power system.  By producing power locally, our customers can offset the costs of having energy delivered to their home, therefore reducing their energy bills. Residents can also sign a contractual agreement to sell their energy to Ontario.

The latest microFIT price schedule announced by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) indicates that rooftop solar PV is the most attractive renewable source with a price of 80.2 ¢/ kWh.

Return on Investment
Based on these latest prices, a roof or ground-mounted solar PV array will pay for itself in 10 years or less (and generate profit in the subsequent years).  Solar PV is an attractive investment with low-risk and high return and is very promising considering the outlook for enabling technologies such as energy storage.

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As your dependable Micro FIT Toronto electrician, Rosedale Electrical Solution Ltd. is committed to providing our customers with

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  • a complete end to end service to bring your project from concept to implementation
  • solar PV technologies engineered to last well over 20 years

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