Residential Services Toronto Pot Light Installation

Brighten up your Toronto home or business with unique pot lighting designs that are sure to impress your visitors and create a unique ambience. Pot lighting is especially effective for commercial customers and office spaces as pot lights do not cast shadows. Based on the intensity and size of the pot lights used, properly spaced pot lights will result in a shadow casted directly downwards. We are dedicated Toronto electricians that specialize in line voltage, low voltage and LED pot light installations. During your consultation with us, we will help determine the right type of pot lights and intensity for your home or establishment.

Pot light installations can be carried out in virtually any room and on:

  • new constructions;
  • retrofits;
  • insulated ceilings; and or
  • exterior projects landscaping

Our licensed electricians will inspect your home or business and suggest the best type of pot light design to implement according to the style of the room or landscape.  Using the proper tools and techniques, our licensed Toronto electricians will carry out any pot light installation with the highest standards of cleanliness and timeliness. We recommend the following types of pot light brands:

We ensure no damages, holes or mess as a result of our work. Please visit the Rosedale Difference page to learn more about why we are the most suitable Toronto electrician for installing pot lights into your home.

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